Algal research at MIT

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology used algae to capture carbon dioxide in flue gasses of electricity plants. A reactor has been built at the MIT to test this (see youtube video below). In most algae setups, the amount of carbon dioxide in the water is too low to provide maximum algal growth. In this setup, large amounts of carbon dioxide are blown through the water, thus providing high concentrations of CO2 which provides excellent conditions for exponential growth. Not only CO2 is removed by the algae, also harmful wastegas components are removed such as NOx. Additionally, the heat of the flue gasses can be used to set the growing tubes at ideal growing temperatures (20-35°C). A promising implementation, in this link you’ll find more detailed information.


2 Responses to “Algal research at MIT”

  1. eblive Says:

    fascinatingly simple


  2. draaronwolfbaum Says:

    The company that arose from this work (which happened in 2004), Greenfuel, went out of business last year (2009). For more info about Greenfuel, and more timely discussion in general, check out

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